Volunteer Spotlight: Natalie Ames

Natalie AmesNatalie Ames started volunteering with Komen Central Indiana three years ago. When the chance came along to volunteer for the Central Indiana Race for the Cure, Natalie saw it as a great opportunity to learn new skills and build experience in the nonprofit sector. At first she didn’t know what to expect, but she found excitement in that.

On Race day, she is in the command center where she helps keep an open line of communication between the race director, race staff, police, and medical personnel. The command center houses IMPD, IUPD, Homeland Security, and various others. Together they make up the city and campus emergency team for Race day. From a lost child, to a medical emergency all calls and communication go through Natalie and the command center. They are a big part of keeping Race day safe!

As a member of the Race Executive Committee, this year Natalie has taken on the merchandise side of Race. This includes deciding what merchandise will be sold on Race day as well as the logistics. With the help of a vote she decides what merchandise to order, what designs people like, color, and types of apparel. Since Natalie is in the command center on the day of the Race she will have a great group of volunteers that will help with merchandise! The committee decided to have merchandise set up concert style this year, and are very excited to see how the new quick moving layout works out!

Natalie continues volunteering with Komen because it has blossomed into more involvement and has created great relationships. Her second year involved with Komen she knew more people and felt more comfortable in her role. Natalie loves watching the Race unfold from blocks away in the command center, and knowing that she is a part of the fun! She is looking forward to having many more years of being involved with Komen.

From the whole Komen Central Indiana family, thank you for your contributions! You truly make a difference.