Tracy Paris – 2018 Ambassador

City: McCordsville, IN

Age: 41

Date of Diagnosis: 04/24/2015

After what was supposed to be a routine cyst removal. Tracy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was no stranger to cancer. Her mother was diagnosed seven years prior, and her sister-in-law was an eight-time survivor. Tracy received a mastectomy, and underwent 16 rounds of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of daily radiation.

During her whole journey, Tracy maintained her positive attitude. She always wants people to think “she has/had what…I can’t tell.” She is a single mother of 2 children and hopes to show them how strong she really is.

Tracy started her own blog on Facebook called, “Let’s Go Pink Together.” She posts Facebook Live videos on her journey and the next steps in her treatment. The blog is also a soundboard for other women to discuss breast cancer openly.

Takeaway Message:

“Breast cancer doesn’t define you. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to that. YOU still choose.”

Connection with Komen:

Tracy’s mother was a Komen grant recipient. After her father passed in 1997, her mother was left without insurance. Komen assisted her surgery bills and recovery.