Pink Tie Guy – Roger Brummett

Roger Brummett

Why I Wear Pink 

I lost my Grandmother, June Talbott Alexander, to breast cancer at a time when she was the center of our family’s universe. She was a wellspring of joy and happiness and to watch her decline in health as a result of this disease was extremely difficult. The hole in my heart from her passing has never fully healed and when the chance developed to do something to support Susan G. Komen Central Indiana and breast cancer awareness and research, I knew I wanted in.

Favorite vacation spot: Maui, Hawaii – it is always calling me back.
Favorite watering hole in Indy: Anyplace in Indianapolis where the bartender begins making my Martini when they see me walk through the front door.
Random fact that not many people know: I was a crew member of an Indy Car Team in two Indy 500’s. I founded the first Indianapolis Colts Fan Club, The Thundering Herd, and started and owned the team newspaper, “Hoof Beats.”
Dream car: 1963 Powder Blue Chrysler Imperial Convertible like the one in the movie, “Move Over Darling” with James Garner and Doris Day.

I am Executive Vice President of Metro Elevator. My wife Rachelle and I have four beautiful daughters, Andrea, Pam, Ashley and Maddy, and a son, Payton. We also have a son-in-law, Nick, and a Grandson, Brayden.

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