Taneika McGuireAt 28 years old, many people begin to think about finding their soul mate and whether or not they would like to have children. At the tender age of 28, that wasn’t where TaNeika’s mind was. From an early age, she never imagined building a family. However, once TaNeika’s world shifted because of breast cancer, she couldn’t help but yearn for what she feared she would never have. In 2010, TaNeika lost her best friend and mother to stage two breast cancer. Just two years later, at 27, TaNeika discovered a lump under her left breast. Immediately, she went to see her family doctor, who assured her that it was nothing more than a cyst. A year later, the lump was growing. TaNeika became very worried. At that point, she realized she needed a second opinion. On May 8th, 2013, at 28 years old, TaNeika was diagnosed with breast cancer and told that she was in the fight for her life. Because of her diagnosis of stage two cancer, her age, her type of cancer and her family history, the odds were against her. It was a very aggressive cancer and TaNeika felt that what killed her mother was now out to take her own life. A short month later, she began chemotherapy and received it every two weeks for six long months. It was incredibly challenging both physically and emotionally, and TaNeika found herself longing for her mother more than ever. However, she believes God placed so many amazing people in her life to help her through every step. Breast cancer tried to claim TaNeika’s life, but she took it back. TaNeika never believed she would still be here to share this journey, but she’s still here, and screaming loud and clear: “I’m still alive! Me:1, Cancer: 0!”