Stephanie ProbstStephanie Probst is a 2016 Komen Central Indiana Ambassador and has lived in Indianapolis for the last 18 years. She is married and has three sons.

Stephanie has participated in Race for the Cure for 10 years, but two years ago her connection to the cause became very personal. What started as a routine procedure to remove a swollen lymph node in her left armpit became the diagnosis of four swollen cancerous lymph nodes. The following week, a biopsy came back conclusive with Stage 4 HERS 2 ductal invasive breast cancer. Stephanie had chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiation, and through it all she kept on living life. She refuses to let cancer stop her from doing what she loves to do.

She is passionate about raising funds through Project Pink because “if not for the research that Komen funds, I would not be here today.”

Fun Facts

  • Favorite vacation spot: My swimming pool with a glass of wine
  • Favorite watering hole in Indy: I love Taste of Chicago because who doesn’t like food and beer and music and wine and did I mention Chicago-style pizza?
  • Random fact: I make my own wine and it is awesome.
  • Dream car: I miss my ’76 Celica that I drove in Japan when I was in the Navy
  • Favorite color: I think I look good in orange, but green is a cool color too
  • Don’t mess with Stephanie: I was a military police officer in the US Navy and I’m certified in surviving edged weapons. Not much scares me, except that look from my mom and MJ

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