Nikki Reed picNikki Reed is co-host of the Smiley Morning Show on 99.5 WZPL. She has lived in Indianapolis for the last 13 years and her close family includes Mom, Dad (The Captain), sister Kate and brother Mike.

Nikki’s grandmother, Marilyn Walker, is a breast cancer survivor. She is excited to walk the Project Pink runway again this year because, “There isn’t a person on earth who hasn’t been touched by breast cancer. There’s no better cause than to fight for our mothers, sisters, grandmothers and friends.”

Fun Facts

  • Favorite vacation spot: I just want to stamp my passport some more, so somewhere I haven’t been yet.
  • Favorite watering hole in Indy: Any non-hipster joint where I can get a giant Budlight!
  • Random fact: I’m probably one of the only members of the American Sailing Association that can barely handle a few minutes on a boat without praying over the edge to the “Ralph gods.” My dad, the sailboat Captain, is so proud.
  • Dream car: Are you buying it for me? If that’s the case then I’ll take an Audi
  • Favorite color: Shock of the century: purple
  • Runway blooper: Two years ago at this very event, I had a slight wardrobe malfunction. The shoulder of my dress came off and I accidentally…showed the front row “what we were fighting for.” OOPS!

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