Jessica Baker websiteI was diagnosed with breast cancer, at the age of 36 as a single mom with a three year old son.  I had just transferred into a new position at my company, where I was doing cancer research.  Such irony that I would have my cancer diagnosed in the same lab I previously worked in. With my son’s future in mind, I opted for a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction.  Because of my hormone status, I had to do six months of cytotoxic chemo, 12 months of Herceptin and 10 years of Tamoxifen. It was such a long journey to my cancer free life. My last surgery was October of 2013. I am a stronger person after getting cancer but would never have made it this far without my family and friends. I am so thankful that they were there when I needed them. Now I am living life as a young survivor with a focus on giving back to my community by sharing my story and living life with my son, who is now six.