Phyllis Spearing Shea – 2019 Race Ambassador

Phyllis Spearing Shea
Greenwood, IN

Age: 55

Her Story: After a routine mammogram in June 2017, Phyllis was asked to undergo a follow-up mammogram. This had happened before, so she remained calm, with little thought that she was soon to embark on a life-changing journey. Shortly after, she was called in for a biopsy. This time, she had a feeling what the doctor was going to say. She was diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Phyllis chose to have a lumpectomy on her right side, taking away the tumor, a small lesion, and three lymph nodes. She also had a breast reduction on both sides.

Phyllis returned to work as a school psychologist two weeks following surgery. She continued working through radiation and chemotherapy but struggled to reach full capacity. Each day, she fought to regain strength. Her celebration of being cancer-free ended briefly, as her 91-year-old mother waited to hear of her daughter’s clean bill of health before earning her angel wings. Phyllis feels blessed to have been able to spend time with her mother and family throughout her journey.

Takeaway Message: “I have met so many wonderful people through this journey, and I continue to be amazed by the strength, courage, and compassion of the human spirit.”

Connection with Komen: Phyllis has participated in several walks to raise awareness. She is inspired by the strength the body can endure and encourages women and men to never forget to take care of themselves.

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