Paiton & Ryann Rogers – 2019 Project Pink Models


Paiton and Ryann Rogers are two of the first entries in our new Juniors division. The live with their mom and dad in Zionsville. Paiton is 11 and Ryann is 8.

They wanted to be models because of their family’s fight against breast cancer. Their great grandmother is a survivor. Their grandma is currently fighting breast cancer for the second time.

Why They Want You To Support Komen:

To help those who are battling and to find a cure.

Fun Facts About Paiton & Ryann:

Their Favorite Vacation Spot: Mexico

Their Favorite Hobbies: Both play softball, and Paiton loves crafts.

Their Favorite Color: Paiton likes yellow, Ryann likes pink.

What They Want To Share: Paiton says “I love my mom!” Ryann says “I’m spunky.”

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