Nancy Brumley – 2019 Project Pink Model

Nancy Brumley is training to become a Research and Peer advocate in the fight against cancer. She has lived in central Indiana for 47 years. She and her partner Adam have been together for 29 years. Her son Adam passed away in April in this year, but saved 4 lives through organ donation. She has one other son, and two daughters. They have given her seven grandchildren.

Nancy is a breast cancer survivor. She is BRCA+ positive. She has defeated cancer nine times.

Why She Thinks You Should Help Komen:

“I feel like they should donate so not only we can find a cure and we will have more stories of survivors but we can help others through the hardest times of their trials. So we can help sponsor programs that help them get wigs and makeovers to help them feel beautiful like they are. So we can continue to have programs that help others get meals when they just don’t feel
like they can move but really would love a home cooked dinner or to help with chores that really
need to be done but they just don’t have it in them. To help sponsor programs that help educate
people on the risks and benefits of different options that they have or educate them that they are
NOT ALONE they have people that care and are here for them and to remind them that they
don’t have to face this alone they have support. To help fund mammograms and MRIs genetic
testing and all the things that can help patients get the tests done that they need to be prepared
to fight and know early enough to have a fighting chance to WIN THIS FIGHT. With their
support we can do all this.”

Fun Facts About Nancy:

Her favorite vacation spots: Kings Island and Kentucky Kingdom are the only places that I have
been. I would love to see Nashville, Tennessee.

Favorite Spot In Central Indiana: Eagle Creek and Lemon Lake.

Fun Fact About Nancy: She loves photography – especially the wilderness and everyday people.

Favorite Colors: Pink, Teal, Black and Blue

Her Message: “Life is short don’t waste time on being angry or holding grudges because tomorrow isn’t promised. Smile And laugh and take lots of pictures to capture all the times you were able to have memories because when you lose someone they might not be in sight but u will always have them in your heart and you will always have those
memories to look back on and it helps with your sorrow and pain to know that you will always
have those memories.”

Donate To Help Nancy Reach Her Goal To Be This Year’s Trendsetter