Megan Kenyon – 2015 Ambassador

Megan Kenyon – 2015 Ambassador

Megan Kenyon

Six days before her 29th birthday, Megan was diagnosed with breast cancer; however, cancer was no stranger in her family. In 1995, Megan lost her mother to breast cancer. In 2008, she lost her uncle to throat cancer and Megan’s father is a kidney cancer survivor. When she was diagnosed, Megan had just started MBA courses at Butler University in addition to frequent traveling. Megan is proud to share that in June of 2014 her scan showed no signs of the disease. Her experience with cancer has taught her how strong and blessed she is to have such a wonderful family and group of friends in Indianapolis and around the world. Megan says she is “blessed beyond my wildest imagination!” She is back on track to finish her MBA while working on her bucket list and traveling the world with her soul-sister, Courtney.

Megan currently works for Golden Living, a senior healthcare provider. Megan lives with her two dogs, Miles and Cody who are her world. Megan says Miles found her cancer, and wouldn’t stop digging on the spots where it had spread. Megan enjoys jogging, yoga, swimming and triathlons. In 2011, Megan placed 97th out of 425 participants at the Fishers Sprint Triathlon.

Megan was a survivor model at the Project Pink Fashion Show and she loved every minute of it!

Takeaway message for others:

“Never ever think that you are your disease, this just happens. You can and will rise above it. Cancer is just as much a mental disease as it is a physical disease. Choose to be present, be aware and be at peace. Allow yourself to go through all of the emotions. Cancer is not a death sentence. New treatments are coming out all of the time. Research is being done every day, leading us closer to the cures.”

City: Indianapolis, Indiana
Age: 31
Date of diagnosis: 2012
Diagnosis: Stage 4 Her 2+