Mary Ringham – 2019 Project Pink Model

Mary Ringham is retired after a career in I.T. She has lived in central Indiana 55 years. She has three sons and a daughter-in-law.

Mary has been involved in the fight against breast cancer for a long time. Several of her aunts on her mother’s side had breast cancer. One was a 49 year survivor. Another is a metastatic breast cancer thriver. Mary herself is a two time survivor.

Why Mary Wants You To Help Komen:

“With the help of donations to Komen, they have been able to fund more research to get us closer to find a cure.”

Fun Facts About Mary:

Favorite Vacation Spot: the beaches in Florida

Favorite Spot in Indy: O’gara’s Irish Pub

Surprising Fact: Mary, her youngest sister and all of their kids are left handed.

Another Surprising Fact: She’s the 5th child born on the 5th day.

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