Lori Tragesser’s Story of Strength

My life was forever altered on August 27, 2014, when I heard the words, “You now have Stage 4 Breast Cancer because it has metastasized to your bones.” After having gone through the motions of a Stage 2 Breast Cancer diagnosis, I thought that the cancer chapter of my life was over. I honestly had no idea what metastatic breast cancer even meant. I didn’t know that breast cancer could spread to your bones, liver, lungs and brain. But now this is what I am facing.

I am blessed to say that I do not face this alone. The support from my family and friends, as well as my community here in Tipton, is what gets me through. I also know that there are some 150,000 women, and some men, who are facing a Stage IV diagnosis.

In October, please remember that behind all of the pink ribbons are women living with breast cancer, women whose lives depend on research. Approximately 110 women are dying every day in this country because of Metastatic Breast Cancer. Improved treatments and outcomes are crucial for so many survivors. Please help us to fund this necessary research so that survivors like me can hear those words…”We have a cure!”

Thanks so much,
Lori Tragesser

P.S. Please donate to Susan G. Komen Central Indiana today. A donation will support research aimed at discovering breast cancer causes, treatments and the cures, while also helping local women receive the diagnostic services, patient navigation and survivor support they need.


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