Liz Van Noy – 2015 Ambassador

Liz Van Noy – 2015 Ambassador

Liz currently teaches at the Indiana University School of Nursing as a part time faculty member. She enjoys traveling with her husband locally and internationally, volunteering at a free clinic, participating in groups at her parish and being ‘Grandma Liz’ to 6 granddaughters. Liz is also writing a memoir. In 2014, Liz celebrated her 75th birthday, 50th wedding anniversary and is heading towards 10 years as a breast cancer survivor.

After a routine mammogram scheduled for August 24, 2005, Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 65. This was a hectic time for Liz. The fall semester had just begun, she was hosting a fundraiser gathering for her church and she had recently built a new house. Liz was optimistic she would get through her battle with the support of her husband, children, granddaughters and several other individuals. Liz underwent an 18 month journey with 16 rounds of chemotherapy and a left radical mastectomy with reconstruction in the spring of 2006. During her treatment, Liz stayed busy teaching and serving as the vice chair of the Pastoral Council for her church. She looked at her journey as her turn to be on the other side as a patient instead of being the caregiver. Her treatment was complete as of February 2007 but continues to follow up with her oncologist yearly. Liz refers to her breast cancer story as “A Bump in the Road.”

Liz’s takeaway message for others:

“My takeaway message is to educate both males and females about breast self-exam and routine mammograms. Also I believe I am a role model for enduring the treatment for Breast Cancer as well as holding a position.”

City: Bargersville, Indiana
Age: 75
Date of diagnosis: August 2005
Diagnosis: Estrogen and Herceptin Positive