Lisa Kroshus – 2016 Ambassador

lisakroshus_24589272720_o_24761784039_oCity: Fishers, IN
Age: 47
Date of diagnosis: May 2015
Diagnosis: Stage II Triple Negative

Lisa works for Indy Fuel hockey and is a self-proclaimed work-a-holic. She was once on a competitive ballroom dance team and loved it. She enjoys cooking, traveling and reading fashion magazines. Her husband and her have an adopted daughter, Cheyanne, and three step-children living in other states. She also enjoys spoiling their little Shih Tzu named Carli Ann Kroshus.

5’s and 1’s are not Lisa’s numbers. Lisa was diagnosed with Stage II Triple Negative breast cancer on 5-1-15 and started chemo on 5-11-15. Just a few months ago she finished chemo and had a double mastectomy. Since this experience is so fresh, Lisa is looking forward to being herself again, looking like herself, having some energy and being healthy. Through it all she has learned how much stronger she actually is. She has also become more humble, patient and looks at things differently. Along the way she has learned to not sweat the small stuff and has had help from some wonderful and generous people. She wonders “why can’t people always be like that?”

Lisa has had close connections with Susan G. Komen for most of her life. Her first job was at Mary Kay Cosmetics corporate headquarters. Mary Kay was a big supporter herself of the cause so from a young age, so was Lisa.

Lisa’s takeaway message for others:

“My message to others – it could happen to you. Be aware of your body, do self-exams and mammograms, be active, never stop learning about it and never stop helping to find a cure. I truly believe we are so close.”