Libby Harmon – 2016 Ambassador

libby_25109056246_oCity: Indianapolis, IN
Age: 30
Date of diagnosis: May 2014
Diagnosis: Stage 1 Invasive ductal carcinoma

As a healthy 29 year-old and former Division I track and field student-athlete, Libby was surprised when she self-detected a small lump on her left breast, as she had no family history of breast cancer. She was diagnosed May 22, 2014, with triple receptor positive invasive ductal carcinoma. Humor, exercise and continuing to work were her ways to cope with not only surviving cancer treatment but also doing so without a broken spirit. Libby kept a full head of hair through the end of chemo and her doctors and nurses were shocked but she said the “joke was on her” when her hair fell out four weeks after chemo ended. She said to heck with the wig, embrace the bald!

Libby could not have persevered through this life-altering challenge without the support of her family, amazing doctors and nurses at Community North Hospital, friends, co-workers at the NCAA and CrossFit Naptown community. The greatest gift she learned along this journey was to always practice gratitude. She knows she can handle any challenge life may bring and is ready to enjoy every moment with those she holds dear.

Libby’s takeaway message for others:

“Breast cancer can affect anyone, including people like me who have been healthy athletes their entire lives. A positive attitude, great support system and perseverance can get you through the toughest times.”