Kim Caldwell – “Breast cancer never crossed my mind.”

12067998_1225771224116331_442554537_nIn March 2011, I began a journey that I never dreamed of, not that I ever thought “that will never happen to me,” but still, being diagnosed with breast cancer never crossed my mind.

What I thought was just a normal morning, ended up changing my life. As I showered I noticed a lump in the pit area of my right arm. Soon after I arranged an appointment with my doctor, who then referred me to have a mammogram. After the mammogram, I was scheduled to have a biopsy.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, the days seemed to be so long waiting on the biopsy results. That day finally came and my dear friend Lori and I sat in the meeting room, waiting for the doctor to come. I remember it like it was yesterday. My Doctor came in with lots of papers, sat down, and got straight to it. He nodded a little bit and said, “The results came back, and you do have breast cancer.” One tear dropped, then another, then a stream began to fall. I was fortunate to have such a caring Doctor. He was so comforting, and explained just how this journey would be for me.

12064168_1225771120783008_1894378602_nWhen I left the Doctor’s office I continued to cry on the way home, and during each phone call I made to my family and friends. Before long, my house was filled with so much love from family and friends. I had my “pity party” for one day and one day only. I’m a believer of the most high and I trusted that he sent me on this journey and to run this race – so day two and forward I never once hung my head down. Prayer, laughter, family and friends got me through.


12166094_1225772897449497_1211211042_nI did not take one step of my journey alone. Family and friends alternated their days so that I would not attend any treatment alone. We did not know what to expect during chemo, so the first treatment day Lori packed us breakfast, lunch and snacks…we had way too much food for what we thought would be an all-day affair yet turned out to be only be a few hours (but it brought laughter).

This support is so very important, and I’m thankful for all the support I received during my treatment period and beyond. After completing my treatments I decided to join the Susan G. Komen Central Indiana Race for the Cure. My team grew tremendously and we were able raise funds to help save lives and end breast cancer. Today, I continue to support Komen’s promise. I am a Pink Lady, a Komen Central Indiana Ambassador, an advocate for breast health…. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor! Please join me in the fight against breast cancer by making a donation to Komen Central Indiana today.

Kimberly Caldwell


P.S. Your donation gives Susan G. Komen Central Indiana the strength to fight breast cancer on all fronts. Together, we help women today by funding local breast health services here in our community. We also fight for future generations, by funding research seeking causes, treatments and the cures for breast cancer.