Kathy Walden – 2016 Ambassador

kathywalden_24589274130_o_25103117646_oCity: Beech Grove, IN
Age: 54
Date of diagnosis: December 2012
Diagnosis: Invasive ductal carcinoma

12/12/12 was when Kathy was diagnosed with breast cancer at two stages – three lumps, one was A positive and two were negative and two different forms of cancer. Kathy believes that through her discipleship with God she was able to overcome the many trials and tribulations she experienced along the way. Kathy sees her story as a storm called Cancer, with a rainbow and a sun shining brightly at the end of the tale

Her treatment consisted of 8 weeks of chemo, surgery, and a mastectomy removing the right breast and 25 rounds of radiation. She pleaded with God every day to remove this disease from her body. She diligently followed doctors orders by surrounding herself with a positive support system, watching shows that made her laugh to the point of crying and singing songs of joy. Through many of the side effects she continued to smile because she was happy to be alive. At time the pain from chemo was immense; however, she was carried through the storm by a higher being and an amazing support system. Kathy says that she never realized how many people loved and cared for her, especially her daughter Shenae, her granddaughter Kynnedi and future son-in-law Keith Radcliff.

Kathy has found new life. She has decided to fight for those who can’t anymore, fight until a cure is found and fight for those who did not beat cancer. She promotes the importance of getting your mammogram and finding songs that will get you through the storm.

Kathy’s takeaway message for others:

There is hope at the end of the storm called Cancer. The Rainbow is real.”