Kathryn Jordan – 2019 Project Pink Model

Kathy Jordan is the president and CEO of KJordan Consulting and Front Row Sales & Marketing. She has lived her entire life in central Indiana. She has a son and two grandchildren.

Kathy is a breast cancer survivor. She has fought the disease twice. Her mother is also a survivor. She was diagnosed 3 years after Kathy was.

Why Kathy Wants You To Help Komen: 

“It’s not donating to me. It’s donating to support local resources and programs that were made available to me and others who have faced and are facing a personal journey with breast cancer.  It’s donating to support and increase research into continuing to improve treatment, finding a cure and completely eradicating breast cancer for future generations of women and men.”

Fun Facts About Kathy: 

Favorite Vacation Spot: Disney World, the happiest place on earth!

Favorite Spot In Indy: Wherever the company is good

Surprising Fact: Kathy was a Seventeen Model for LS Ayres in high school.

Favorite Color: Orange

Story She Wants to Share: “I named my reconstructed breasts Halle and Berry in  memory of my brother who passed of prostate cancer in 2004.  It was our joke that after   being diagnosed with breast cancer the first time I would ask the doctor to make me look like Halle Berry.  It turned out I didn’t have to have a mastectomy that time, but after being diagnosed with a different strain last year, I had a double mastectomy.  When consulting with my plastic surgeon, I kept the joke going.  When he asked me my desired  bra size I said I didn’t have one.  I just wanted to look like Halle Berry when It was all said and done.”

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