Pink Tie Guy – Joseph Davey

Joseph DaveyJoseph is the general manager for Eddie Merlot’s in Indianapolis.  He also has his own consulting business, FWineI and is known for expertly finding value wines that drink like expensive wines.

He was born and raised in Indianapolis and served in the Army, where he was honored with the Army Achievement Medal and the Army Accommodation Medal.  Following his military service, Joseph attended Ball State University and studied public relations and classic cultures.

Why Komen

“My mother is a cancer survivor and almost all of her sisters had breast cancer. This was back in the day when everyone got a radical mastectomy. I saw both the physical and emotional pain that took on women I loved. I would challenge people in this country that almost all of us have had an immediate contact with a cancer victim or a cancer survivor and if we all pitch in we can beat this beast.”

Fun Facts

  • Favorite wine: The one that happens to be in my glass when I’m lifting it to my lips.
  • Random fact: I love the outdoors. My girlfriend and I bought a canoe this spring.
  • In his free time: Joseph enjoys spending time with his two dogs, his family and attending NFL games.
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