Jennifer Smith – 2016 Ambassador

jennifersmith_24589275150_o_24833812560_oCity: Indianapolis, IN
Age: 46
Date of diagnosis: February 2015

Already an avid supporter of Susan G. Komen on behalf of her mother, a 15-year survivor, Jennifer hadn’t thought that she would get breast cancer. She had become so accustomed to saying “I know how you feel because my mom had it” that she didn’t think she would ever say “I know how you feel because of my experience.” Jennifer would never wish the feelings and experiences that took place in her mind and body during breast cancer on anyone’s worst enemy.

While it is difficult to admit, Jennifer finds that this journey has been one that has ultimately improved her life in all aspects. She is now able to face her fears and live a healthier lifestyle. Jennifer enjoys spending time with her three sisters and mother.

Jennifer’s takeaway message for others:

“Fellow survivors… I want you all to remember that YOU are beautiful. You were beautiful before your diagnosis and you are even more beautiful now.”