Funds raised here help us save lives here. The greatest part of the money we receive remains in the community as a source of help for Hoosiers in need. It goes to pay for services—including screenings, assistance with treatment, education and survivor support—that benefit local women and men.

Our Community Grants program is designed to save lives and make systemic, lasting change in our community. We are proud to have invested more than $20 million locally since 1997. Our funding cycle runs from April 1 – March 31 every year.  Click here for more information on our Community Grants program.

Funds raised here fuel groundbreaking breast cancer research at home and abroad. Komen dollars have touched every major advancement in breast cancer research for the last 30 years. A meaningful portion of the money we receive in Central Indiana is dedicated to research that happens in our community, across the United States and all around the world. This money supports the very best research endeavors aimed at discovering breast cancer causes and treatments. And, ultimately, the cures.

The positive impact of this funding is significant, but it is not enough as the need in our community continues to grow.