Erika Russell – 2018 Project Pink Model

Erika Russell is currently staying at home as a trophy wife and has lived in Indianapolis for the last 40 years. Her family includes husband of 27 years, Mark, sons, Erik and Bradley, daughter, Leigh and son-in-law Ronnie and granddaughter, Gwendolyn. She also has another grandbaby on the way!

Erika was diagnosed in October 2015 with stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma after finding a lump through self-examination. Her mother is an 18-year breast cancer survivor. She wants to be a Project Pink model to raise money for this great cause and to stress the importance of self-examinations.

Fun Facts

Favorite vacation spot: Fort Myers, Florida

Favorite watering hole in Indy: St. Elmo’s

Dream car: Infiniti QX50

Favorite color: Purple

Random fact: In my younger days, I used to go caving.

Other fun facts: I love cats and horseback riding.

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