2017 Pink Tie Guy – David Charles

David Charles is a partner at Katz, Sapper & Miller where he leads the Healthcare Resources Group. He has lived in Indianapolis for 38 years. Together, he and his wife, Kerri, have six children and three grandchildren.

David says he has witnessed the impact breast cancer has had on friends, family and clients including the emotional, physical and financial consequences of the disease.

Why be a Pink Tie Guy?

I attended the Pink Tie Ball last year and was moved by the many stories I heard. I thought about all the special women in my life: my wife, mother, sister, mother-in-law, four daughters, three nieces, two daughters-in-law, and two granddaughters. And, I wanted to do something to help ensure that none of them or any other woman ever has to face this disease.

Fun Facts

Favorite vacation spot: Roaring Fork, Colorado

Favorite watering hole in Indy: Prime 47 in Carmel

Random fact that not many people know about you: I’m ambidextrous, which means I do things with either hand, equally poorly.

Dream car: 1957 Thunderbird

Favorite color: Kentucky Blue

Other fun fact: I have played at Augusta National Golf Club twice

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