Coffee with Komen – Sisters In Pink Addressing Health Disparities

by Rhonda L. Bayless
Executive Director and Founder, Center of Wellness for Urban Women

In 2017, Sisters In Pink (SIP) was developed to address health disparities for Black and African American women and breast cancer. Did you know that in Marion County African American women are less likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but about 40% more likely to die from the disease? Sisters In Pink provides a peer to peer educational experience, access to mammogram screenings and resources to services in the community.

Sisters In Pink has trained seven educators to conduct presentations throughout Marion County. Presentations can occur in many different spaces like churches, homes, community centers and clinics.  The participant will leave with understanding breast cancer self-awareness messages, what is breast cancer, screening and diagnostic processes and a call to action.  “Learn, Talk, Act” is the call to action we want every person to take. Learn about breast cancer, talk with your family about a history of breast cancer and act by getting screened.

Our goal is to not only provide medically accurate information to Black and African American women, it is to empower them to have conversations with their families and friends and communicate access to mammograms regardless of income. Additionally, we provide information about Susan G. Komen Central Indiana services and events.

In 2018, we will continue to educate as many women as possible in Marion County. Our goal is to educate 850 women. If you are interested in hosting a Sisters In Pink educational session, invite seven to ten women to a safe space. Give us a call or email with the time, date, location and the number of women you’re expecting. It’s that simple!

Would you like to help educate women in your community? To become an educator, you must be self-motivated, organized and a good public speaker. We’re looking for excited and innovative women to join the SIP educator team!

For information about scheduling a presentation session or becoming and educator, call Rhonda Bayless, project manager, at 317-457-7441 or email