Coffee with Komen – Evidence-Based Practices: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Evidence-Based Practices: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Budget decisions affect everyone, and Komen Central Indiana is no exception. Last year we received grant requests totaling $800,000 but only had $500,000 in donor dollars to distribute back into the community. So how do you make those tough decisions?

Our grant process begins by engaging an independent grant review panel who read and score each application on criteria including number of people impacted in the community, the project’s ability to impact community needs, how recipients move through care, and many more. The review panel does not know the total amount we have to grant out, therefore, they do not rank applications based on how many we can fund. They focus on the impact on people in our community. Another factor that we feel is critical to the success of the programs funded is the use of evidence-based practices. That is, we look to make sure that our grant recipients are performing tasks that we know work to improve outcomes for program participants with our goal being 50% reduction in breast cancer deaths by 2026.

What is an evidence-based practice? Put simply, it is a method of work or an intervention that has been tested scientifically to make sure that it will be successful. We combine that data with the specific needs of our community (for example: does patient information need to be translated or include information about Medicaid? Are there unique needs that immigrants, or men, or young women, or other unique populations have?). By combining the community need with the research, we hope to ensure that donor dollars deliver the highest-quality programming.

Komen Central Indiana also designs evidence-based education programs that we deliver to the community using the same criteria. We make sure that we are delivering high-quality education that will truly have an impact on the community we serve. Komen Central Indiana can deliver this programing to your office, social group, church event, or family function. We have programs specially tailored to talk about:
• Who is Komen and Where Does the Money Go?
• Breast Health 101
• Breast Health Disparities for Black and African American Women

We also run special series for breast health professionals and for those living with metastatic (stage IV) breast cancer. Please contact us to learn more about any of these program offerings.