Clara Clarkson – 2019 Project Pink Model

Clara Clarkson is five years old and one of the first members in our new Juniors division. She lives with her mom, dad and brother. Her nani, Sheri Alexander, is one of our top fundraisers at Komen Central Indiana.

Clara’s nani is a long time breast cancer survivor. Clara is taking part in the Project Pink Fashion Show to show support to her.

Why Clara Wants You To Support Komen:

“Because I don’t want people to be sick.”

Fun Facts About Clara:

Favorite Vacation Spot: Great Wolf Lodge

Favorite Restaurant: “The Pancake Restaurant” (Perkins)

Random Fact About Clara: “I have an incredible memory and memorized over 25 books before the age of 2.”

Favorite Color: All of them and blue

Favorite Hobbies: Clara loves to sing, dance, read, write stories, and play pretend!

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