Carrie Fisher – 2016 Ambassador

Carrie Fisher

City: Mooresville, IN
Age: 54
Date of diagnosis:  2008 and 2014
Diagnosis: Her2 Triple Negative in 2008; Her2 Positive in 2014

Carrie works at Eli Lilly and Company. In her free time she enjoys scrapbooking, volunteering and spending time with her new granddaughter.

Carrie, a two-time breast cancer survivor, was able to successfully fight cancer while planning and attending important events with her family. She was first diagnosed in 2008 and had to undergo a lumpectomy, radiation and chemotherapy. She finished just in time for her middle son’s high school graduation. In 2014, she had a full mastectomy, chemotherapy and a second surgery to rid her body of the cancer cells found in her scar tissue. Carrie was able to plan her daughter’s wedding and attend it before starting chemotherapy. When she thought it was all over, she was diagnosed with a severe infection and had to have emergency surgery to remove the tissue expander. This unexpected event meant her well planned out life couldn’t be, because breast cancer is unpredictable, so she spent the week of Thanksgiving 2014 in the hospital. After hurdles and complications, Carrie completed treatment in July 2015 and at the end of 2015 all her tests came back clear!

Carrie’s takeaway message for others:

“As much as you plan, sometimes you just have to let go and realize you can’t control everything.”