Carol York – 2015 Ambassador

Carol York – 2015 Ambassador

Carol currently works for Aunt Martha’s Youth Service Center. She is a Certified Medical Assistant, Certified EMT-B, Volunteer Firefighter and Certified in ice and surface rescue. Carol is a widowed mother of two daughters. Five years after the passing of her husband, Carol met a wonderful man that she has shared her life with over the past 29 years. Carol has nine grandchildren and one great grandson. She has a horse and German shepherd puppy. In her free time Carol enjoys crocheting, painting, horseback riding, reading Stephen King novels and spending time with her grandchildren and pets.

In 2005, Carol had a mammogram and was advised to follow up with her physician. Having recently lost her job, Carol convinced herself this was related to her caffeine intake and decided not to go to her physician. A short time later, Carol was shocked to learn her mammogram results showed signs of breast cancer. Having no insurance, Carol was directed to the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), a Susan G. Komen Central Indiana grantee. After an ultra sound and biopsy, she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. Carol underwent a lumpectomy and radiation treatment. Ten years later, she remains cancer free.

Carol considers herself fortunate and is living proof that early detection saves lives. In celebration of her Survivorship, Carol participates in Race for the Cure every year. This year, she hopes to support a Team in celebration of her ten year survivorship.

Carol’s takeaway message for others:

“Have your mammograms. I am living proof that early detection saves lives. My mammogram found it before it was a lump. So very, very lucky!”

City: Hillsboro, Indiana
Age: 61
Date of diagnosis: 2005
Diagnosis: Stage 1