Carin Henderson – 2016 Ambassador

City: Bargersville, IN
Age: 44
Date of diagnosis: February 2011
Diagnosis: Invasive ductal Stage 2 Grade 2 ER/PR positive and HER negative

Carin works for USI Property Management. She enjoys watching her two sons play ultimate Frisbee and being an “ultimate mom!” She also loves going to dinner with friends, wine tasting, making cookies, and she has a love/hate relationship with her treadmill!

After hitting rock bottom, Carin is not quite sure how she survived but what she knows is that she is living proof that you can and will recover from it all. The series of unfortunate events began in December 2010, when she went in for a mammogram because she felt a mass in her right breast. The scans came back negative. She then decided to go back in February because she noticed a change and the appointment she had made was lost. She was told to come back in a few months but with conviction she waited seven hours to be seen. They did indeed find breast cancer. From there she had every complication in the book, including struggles in her personal life. The man she was engaged to left her because “cancer was too hard for him.” She lost her business because she was unable to work for a year and all this was happening while she tried to stay strong for her two sons. But now, almost five years and five surgeries later, she has survived breast cancer, and she couldn’t have done it without a sense of humor and her boys alongside her.

Carin’s takeaway message for others:

“As difficult as it can get, you will survive! And never lose your sense of humor! You’re going to need it!”