During the month of October, Indianapolis residents are exposed to a city-wide “Pink Out.” The canal is dyed pink, patrons walk the streets in pink gear, wear pink ribbons, and there seem to be endless opportunities to support breast cancer organizations by buying the next pink thing.

Komen Central Indiana is fortunate to have local and national partners that understand why Komen is the leader in the breast cancer space, and why supporting the work we do is the most valuable and impactful way to fight breast cancer. Donations to Komen Central Indiana save the lives of women we know and love within the place we call home. Beyond our community, donations fund groundbreaking research that will improve the way breast cancers are treated in the future. Komen dollars have touched every major advancement in breast cancer research for the last 30 years, totaling more than $920 million. In 2016 alone, Komen invested nearly $33 million in breast cancer research.

The color pink is everywhere in October. But we at Komen Central Indiana encourage you to be More Than Pink™. By choosing to support Komen, you ensure your donations truly make a difference in the fight against breast cancer – locally, nationally and beyond.

Contact us if you have a partnership idea. The possibilities are endless, but the result of each partnership is the same – helping us save more lives and get closer to the cures!