Staff Spotlight: Carla Borden, Executive Director

Carla Borden joined Komen Central Indiana as the executive director in November of 2018. Prior to Komen, Carla served as the manager of grants and compliance….

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Coffee with Komen – Genetics vs Genomic Tests: What’s the Difference?

by Bryan Schneider, MD, vice president of hte Precision Genomics Program at IU Health Simon Cancer Center Genetic and genomic testing can tell us a….

Coffee with Komen – Perspecitves on Dealing with Cancer in the Workplace

Post Diagnosis: Now What? Employee perspective by Brian T. Laskey, MNM SPHR One of the toughest parts of a new breast cancer diagnosis, is deciding….

Coffee with Komen – MORE THAN FRIENDS – Because You Don’t Need Another Casserole

by Tisha Nagel, WhatFriendsDo You or your loved one are diagnosed with breast cancer.  You’re in a state of shock and disbelief. At some point….