Annie Grinstead – 2019 Race Ambassador

Annie Grinstead
Greenfield, IN

Age: 41

Her Story: For Annie, 2016 was off to a fast start. As a mother of a four-year-old, the owner of an event planning firm in downtown Indianapolis, and the owner of a show pig farm putting her passion into practice, life appeared that it was not going to slow down. However, on February 1, 2016, Annie was diagnosed with the rarest form of breast cancer: triple negative metaplastic. A cancer diagnosis was dear to her heart, as she had lost both her best friend and father to brain cancer. It was on that day Annie prayed for a chance: a chance to fight, a chance to continue her journey of life. Annie had a double mastectomy, 16 infusion therapies, 18 weeks of oral chemotherapy, and 25 radiation treatments with complete surgical reconstruction.

She cannot imagine going through this journey without her circle of strength: her friends and family. Annie used her chance and circle of strength to conquer what she calls the “cancer cloud.” This is the cloud that encompasses the fear, what-ifs, and fright of what’s to come.

Takeaway message: “Without a mammogram, without the service of screenings, women in our community are mission what I begged and prayed for: a chance to dig down deep to fight. Please understand that with a chance, we have life. Never give up. Never, ever give up.”

Connection to Komen: Annie underwent diagnosis and treatment at a Komen grant recipient agency hospital, and has spoken at several cancer awareness events to give her community hope.

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