Adrienne Harlow – 2015 Ambassador

Adrienne is currently working for Outside the Box, a non-for-profit organization aimed to support intellectual and developmental disabilities. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and taking her dog on walks to the park. In her free time, she also enjoys going to the movies, live music and art festivals and painting. She also does some freelance event planning and marketing.

Adrienne was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 19. She found a lump in 2007 but did not have a biopsy until 2008. She saw four doctors after discovering the lump and was told she had fibrocystic breasts, and that it was impossible for a 19 year old with no family history to have breast cancer. After speaking to her gynecologist, Adrienne was referred to a specialist for a biopsy. She had surgery on February 2008, and was diagnosed with Stage one Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, ER/PR positive, HER2 negative. Adrienne had a lumpectomy, followed by four months of aggressive chemotherapy, and 33 rounds of radiation. Her persistence saved her life and she encourages other women to “be their own advocate.”

During her treatment, Adrienne wanted to use her story to inspire others to be their own advocate and to be persistent. She began working with Komen Central Indiana and the Young Survival Coalition, speaking at different breast cancer awareness events, especially on college campuses. Adrienne continues to be self-aware and still receives regular mammograms, ultra sounds, MRIs and biopsies. Adrienne says cancer will always be in her life but she does not let it define her.

Adrienne’s takeaway message for others:

“It doesn’t matter what age, race or gender you are. Anyone can get breast cancer. I want people to know that young survivors are out here, and our voices want to be heard.”

City: Indianapolis, Indiana
Age: 26
Date of diagnosis: February 2008
Diagnosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma ER/PR positive HER2 negative